Employers look for a few skills in job candidates regardless of the open position, and having these skills can make you more marketable to recruiters. Some top skills are described below.


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Communication has long been regarded as one of the most important skills that hiring managers seek. This includes asking the right questions, extracting what you need from an email, text message, phone call, or video chat and effectively communicating your message to the listener.



Leadership skills are one of the soft skills that many employers seek in candidates. Active listening, dependability, and the ability to give and receive feedback are all common leadership skills to include on your resume. These skills can help you motivate others and ensure tasks are completed on time.


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Even jobs that require a lot of independence will require you to collaborate with others. The value of teamwork cannot be overstated, so emphasize it to potential employers during your interview. Make specific mention of times when you worked well with a team, whether in school or at a previous job.


Strong work ethic

Employers want employees they can rely on to do their job and meet deadlines without micromanaging. Having a good work ethic means you can manage your time effectively when no one is constantly monitoring your progress.


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Computer skills

Almost every job requires the use of a computer in some capacity. Many jobs require more in-depth knowledge of computers, so including this skill set on your resume is required. Word processing, spreadsheets, social media, data visualization, and email communication are examples of computer skills to highlight.